eSports growing bigger than ever

After the weekend with IEM Katowice 2016 and the Dota 2 Major in Shanghai it’s easy to understand that eSports is at a record level in terms of viewers, fans and events prize-money. Where is it all going? We don’t have all the answers but it’s safe to say that the journey isn’t ending here.

A lot of big companies have opened their eyes for the scene with custom-made advertisements, fantasy leagues and eSports promotions. Another factor that really shows the weight of eSports is all the betting companies and bookmakers that have started to offer betting on eSports. It’s not just the largest eSports like League of Legends, Dota and Counter-Strike. No they offer odds on Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and other games as well. Betway eSports is currently the sportsbook which seems to have the most appreciation for eSports, and it have just started out.

With ESL Pro League Season 3 coming up the action will just reach another level. I found a great website with reviews of the different betting companies, If you’re looking to bet on csgo.

If not, just enjoy the attention that eSports is getting at the moment which in the end leads to: Larger prize-pools, better Stream/TV-productions, more events and a higher skill level within the eSport of your choice.