Fnatic wins $100k at IEM Katowice 2016

The Brazilian teams have really stepped up their CS:GO game and made respectable names for themselves in the international Counter-Strike scene. It’s really good for eSports that countries outside Europe, USA and Asia start to show some results and prove that they can compete on an international level.

Unfortunately the progress made by team Luminosity Gaming did not take them all the way to the Trophy. LG lost versus the super-experienced Swedish team Fnatic in the final. But with that said it’s not like they weren’t close. Actually LG beat Fnatic in the groupstage. But in the final, with the stress that it means to play for $100k it seems like experience was a key factor.

Congratulations to team Fnatic for another outstanding performance, $100k in cash and another Trophy for the shelf. However, I really hope we see more of the south american teams in the future!