CS:GO prize-money records: Teams



Teams come and teams go. Or more accurate, roosters change often in eSports. But some of the eSports organizations have been around for a long time and the prize-money collected by these teams have really started to stack up to huge, impressive amounts.

Ninjas in Pyjamas, one of the first large brands in eSports, was founded in 2000. Fnatic, now the largest brand in eSports, was founded in 2004.

The two organisations are still battling it out, competing for the throne in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Up to this date, Fnatic is ahead with a large number but one thing is sure, the battle will continue!

1. Fnatic $1,422,177.91
2. Ninjas In Pyjamas $878,857.64
3. Virtus.pro $789,970.51
4. EnVyUs $664,133.79
5. Natus Vincere $621,912.25
6. Team SoloMid $436,469.02
7. Team LDLC.com $321,221.75
8. Team Dignitas $288,139.39
9. Cloud9 $276,427.42
10. Luminosity Gaming $249,715.61

Source: esportearnings.com [7 March 2016]